Water-Wine_HarmonizingFood and beverage go hand-in-hand, no matter if you are pairing a red with pizza, beer with a burger or cider with cheese. Take your pairings to the next level by adding water (yes, water).

The process of pairing food and wine with complementary water is referred to as “harmonizing.” Food and wine interact to impart different taste characteristics through each other, while water is meant to cleanse the palate, to enhance the interacting traits of food and wine.

Acqua Panna and S. Pellegrino together are known as the fine dining waters, found on tables worldwide in some of the best restaurants and in-home. These fine dining waters are widely appreciated by the leading figures on the global culinary scene for their ability to combine flawlessly in enhancing foods and wines.

AcquaPanna_PairingAcqua Panna still a still mineral water encompasses the culture, heritage and refined elegance of the land from which it flows: Tuscany. A light-bodied water, Acqua Panna should be paired with soft, suave wines with moderate alcohol and food that is lighter in flavor and subtle in aromas. Acqua Panna’s soft balance is perfect with elegant flavors not too rich or structured. Brilliant and crystal-clear to the eye, on the palate it is pleasingly soft and balanced. Pair with the following:

  • Wine – Fresh & fruity white wines; White wines aged in barrels; Light, fresh rosé wines; Aromatic sweet sparkling wine
  • Food – Light pasta sauces; Delicate dishes; Seafood; Dishes high in saltiness

SPellegrinoPairingOn the other the side of water pairings is S. Pellegrino, an italian sparkling mineral water. S.Pellegrino is meant to be paired with full-bodied wines rich in tannins and high in acid so the two liquids do not compete. Foods heavy in flavor and structure should be paired with water and wine with these characteristics. It distinguishes itself in its fine bubbles and subtle mineral aromas. Pair with the following:

  • Wine – Higher alcohol content rosé wines; Young red wines; Slightly-bodied red wines; Full-bodied white wines
  • Food – Spicy foods; Particularly sweet dishes; Strongly flavored, rich dishes, such as red meat; Bitter dishes, such as grilled meats

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