We took a trip down to Pike Place Market to check out the new Westside home of Naches Heights Vineyard (NHV) and catch up with owner and winemaker Phil Cline. NHV returned to The Tasting Room Seattle in March (they had previous held space in the shared outpost) to a warm welcome.

The winery’s philosophy on farming has evolved over the years to a model that is more sustainable. Currently they are growing grapes sustainably, organically and Bio-Dynamically. NHV is LIVE (Low Input Viticulture and Enology) certified and Salmon Safe on eighty percent of their labels, showing their commitment to enriching the soils by encouraging microbial health and protecting water resources by the judicious use of water.

See what our visit to The Tasting Room Seattle was like and what Cline has to say about the uniqueness and elegance of NHV wines:

Get a taste of NHV wines at Wine Rocks Seattle, July 9 at Elliott Hall & Pier (Bell Harbor). Tickets are on sale now!